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Review: Stitch

Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, #1)Stitch by Samantha Durante
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Her heart races, her muscles coil, and every impulse in Alessa's body screams at her to run... but yet she's powerless to move.

Still struggling to find her footing after the sudden death of her parents, the last thing college freshman Alessa has the strength to deal with is the inexplicable visceral pull drawing her to a handsome ghostly presence. In between grappling with exams and sorority soirees - and disturbing recurring dreams of being captive in a futuristic prison hell - Alessa is determined to unravel the mystery of the apparition who leaves her breathless. But the terrifying secret she uncovers will find her groping desperately through her nightmares for answers.

Because what Alessa hasn't figured out yet is that she's not really a student, the object of her obsession is no ghost, and her sneaking suspicions that something sinister is lurking behind the walls of her university's idyllic campus are only just scratching the surface...
The opening installment in a twist-laden trilogy, Stitch spans the genres of paranormal romance and dystopian sci-fi to explore the challenges of a society in transition, where morality, vision, and pragmatism collide leaving the average citizen to suffer the results.

So many reviews kept saying what a twist this book had how it utterly surprised them... how it turned out so much better and was not the typical book you go in thinking it was. That piqued my interest, to be sure... but I was , naturally, skeptical.

At first, it does seem to start off like so many other paranormal books. Interesting and well written, to be sure! But it felt like we had been here before. Then... suddenly... BAM! The twist hits and your jaw drops and you cannot put the book down. This is exactly what happened to me. In a matter of 14 hours (with interruptions due to cooking for the family and napping due to being sick and having a movie night with the husband), I finished the book and knew without a doubt that I would be eagerly awaiting book 2.

This is a book I highly recommend if you love a good twist that takes you by surprise.

*This book was given freely by the author for my honest review.*

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